Pay for only what you use. No subscriptions or ongoing fees.

Trial Account

$50.00 USD Credit

  • Enough for six one-hour session or five if an observer attends
  • One researcher and one user
    10 cents USD /minute
  • Additional Observers
    5 cents USD /minute each
  • Free Video storage for one week
    $0.01/MB/week thereafter (charged daily)
  • Free support

Enterprise Account

Price Varies

  • Contact UXCloud to customize a plan for your enterprise-wide UX/Usability team
  • One researcher and one user
    Price tiered by volume
  • Additional Observers
    Price tiered by volume
  • Tailored video storage plans
  • Free support

Tailored For Your User Research Needs

UXCloud combines the capabilities of the #1 web conferencing service with a powerful online payment portal to give you a right-sized platform for user research.

Leverages Approved Tools

IT security can make connecting researchers, users, and observers for user research a challenge. UXCloud uses services that are already IT-approved in many organizations.

Cross-Device, Cross-Platform

You never know what you will be asked to test. If it connects to the internet, chances are you can test it in UXCloud.

Session-Level Billing

Pay-as-you-go pricing gives you project-level accountability for your user research budget.

How it works

No usability lab or hardware needed. Test right now, with users anywhere.

Researcher Starts the Session

Sessions begin when the Researcher starts the session. Researcher is prompted to share audio and can then opt into sharing video. Video and audio recording start by default.

User Joins the Session

Upon joining session, User is prompted to share audio and can then opt into sharing web cam. In addition, User can share computer desktop or mobile OS video.

Observers Join Unobtrusively

When Obervers join sessions they are prompted to share audio and their video defaults to off, making their arrival and departure as quiet as possible.

Video is Ready Soon After Session Ends

When the Researcher stops the session, video begins processing and an .MP4 file like the one shown to the right is ready for download within minutes.

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